Cyncly, a software and content solutions provider, brought its connected portfolio of kitchen, bathroom, furniture and wardrobe software solutions to kbb Birmingham 2024. It is the first UK event where Cyncly has showcased its integrated solutions for the KBB industry, including Virtual Worlds, Winner Flex, EQ Flex, Ideal Spaces, 3CAD, Mozaik and Insight.   

Bringing together over 35 years of industry experience, it provides specialised visualization, sales, manufacturing and content solutions for professional designers, retailers, and manufacturers to operate more effectively. The company says it offers the world’s largest catalogue content hub and a range of market-leading products on its integrated cloud platform.

“Our integration of leading solutions empowers businesses involved at every step of the KBB design, sales and manufacturing process,” said Gordon Bartels, General Manager of Kitchen, Bath and Furniture Retail Solutions. “We’re helping businesses provide an outstanding experience to their customers through capabilities including collaborative design, comprehensive pricing and accurate ordering.

Solutions featured at kbb Birmingham include: 

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  1. Kitchen design solutions 

Visitors to kbb Birmingham 2024 saw the value of Winner Flex for kitchen retail specialists and designers. The professional design tool can be used to design a customer’s dream kitchen, create technical documents and generate inspirational rendering. With the entire project managed in the cloud, it can be accessed from everywhere and shared across the organization for maximum collaboration within design teams— all helping retailers to sell more kitchens more quickly.

  • Immersive, engaging bathroom design using virtual reality 

For bathroom retailers, Virtual Worlds showcases equal levels of efficiency, with dedicated functionalities allowing for quick and precise design using catalogues from a rich existing library. Virtual Worlds 4D Theatre enables consumers to visualise their dream bathroom with an immersive design experience in virtual reality—helping retailers improve sales and build stronger customer relationships. Add a few words about EQ integration.

  • Retail solutions to enable omni-channel experiences  

Cyncly’s presence will also feature Ideal Spaces, a consumer-facing online configuration tool that delivers a seamless omni-channel experience to strengthen customer engagement. Retailers use the solution to inspire customers and complete the full journey—from inspiration to qualification, from space planning to purchasing—with an enhanced experience. 

  • Manufacturing solutions that improve quality and margins 

For manufacturers, the company’s solutions, including 3CAD, Insight and Mozaik, enable manufacturers to automate their processes for greater efficiency and flexibility. Through advanced production management software, the ability to manage orders based on real-time data, and market intelligence tools, Cyncly’s manufacturing software helps customers maximise margins and sales performance. 

Cyncly continues to invest in new product capabilities to help KBB retailers and manufacturers succeed. For retailers, the company brings mood boards to 3D designs and auto decorating, and helps to define good, better and best scenarios, enabling customers provide consumers with an amazing experience designing and buying spaces for living. The company’s continued investments in AI-enabled solutions, leveraging its deep industry expertise and rich data, will further enable customers to access innovative capabilities that help them succeed. 

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