Software and content solutions provider Cyncly has announced it will showcase its intuitive solutions for cabinetmakers and woodworkers at the Materials and Finishes Show May 19-22 in Birmingham, UK. Visitors will be able to find the Cyncly team at booth K16.    

Cyncly’s engineering and production management software helps manufacturers make their operations more efficient and flexible. These solutions help them preserve their brand’s quality, minimize waste during production, and build customer loyalty – all of which contribute to maximizing margins and sales.  

Cyncly’s Mozaik software, which will be featured at the event, empowers cabinetmakers with the fastest, easiest and most powerful CNC software available, with design-to-manufacture solutions for cabinets, closets and casework that meets the needs of any custom cabinet shop. Mozaik offers an all-in-one CAM solution that enables manufacturers to streamline their operations. With the opportunity to start with a three-month trial, and local support for active customers, Mozaik makes it easy for shops of every size to get started.

“We’re excited to meet with a wide range of cabinetmakers at the Materials and Finishes Show because Mozaik is focused on serving every segment of the cabinetmaking industry, from traditional shops cutting on a table saw to production shops nesting for CNC,” said Michael Dunphy, vice president, Mozaik Software.

“We’re also excited to be here for the first time as part of Cyncly, which brings global resources and a focus on customer success that will help bring even more benefits to Mozaik customers.”  

Mozaik supports more than 7,500 businesses around the world, powering over 1 million projects annually. The award-winning software takes cabinetmakers’ business from job site planning to design through all stages of the manufacturing process and creates CNC-ready GCode in seconds. Mozaik also ensures everything is communicated clearly and efficiently with the shop floor through paperless tablet applications for labelling, cutting and assembling.