The new Creo and Vito 25mm sustainable shower trays from Crosswater have been crafted from 100% recyclable Dolomite engineered stone and hand-finished.

Creo and Vito are expertly designed to be smooth and warm to the touch thanks to the engineered stone that is soothing underfoot and creates a sleek, seamless feel.

Designed with high-flow central or linear drainage systems for faster drainage and almost invisible gullies and edges, shallow pools of water are a thing of the past. And with no hard, uncomfortable ridges to step on, the designs allow continuous flow from the rest of the bathroom floor.

Using natural materials embraces relaxation and wellness principles that instil a sense of natural tranquillity. Brilliantly resilient and hard-wearing with exceptional impact resistance, engineered stone retains water thermal temperature for longer, creating a warm and luxurious showering experience

Manufactured in a zero-emission factory that uses 100% solar energy, using engineered stone considerably reduces the energy required to make each tray and excess materials are simply repurposed. The trays are finished with a permanent Nanocoat gel, ensuring the surfaces are non-porous, anti-bacterial and easy to clean.

Creo is available in rectangular and offset quadrant options – prices from £260 and Vito is available in square and rectangular options – prices from £311.