There has never been a more critical time to conserve water and with baths and showers accounting for 34%* of water used in the home it’s an important area to focus upon.  Pressure Compensating Washers (PCW), also known as Flow Regulators, are designed to save water when showering.  They are retrofittable products that can be easily installed by replacing the incumbent washer with a ½” PCW, and they are available in various flow rates.

Altering the flow rate in a valve shower has long been the domain of a plumbing installer. Still, with drought conditions across the country, it is fast becoming a consideration of bathroom designers, retailers, and consumers to reduce water usage and energy bills. Heating water uses 20%* of a typical home gas bill and with energy prices soaring Neoperl water conserving products are increasing in popularity.

Neoperl produces PCW’s for valve showers in their Malvern factory. The PCW-01 for shower hoses and PCW-02 for shower handles and wall-mounted taps, are both available with different colour coded flow rates. Neoperl offer standard pressure regulators for 1-10 bar and their Dual-Core products assist with low-pressure situations.

A standard European shower uses 18 litres of water per minute and yet a very comfortable shower can be achieved with a flow of 8-12 litres per minute, that’s a minimum saving of 42 litres of water per 7-minute shower.  It is a quick, inexpensive win and it’s time that everyone questioned their usage. 


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