At ISH this week TOTO is presenting its corporate message of “Life Anew,” The theme reflects new lifestyle habits across the globe, triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic and resulting in a new awareness about hygiene in the home and in hospitality venues.


TOTO offer a “clean, hygienic, and comfortable lifestyle” that is realised through innovation in clean technologies known as “TOTO CLEANOVATION”. This is the main exhibition concept, TOTO promises to deliver “comfort, cleanliness, and safety” not only with its toilets but also with many other bathroom products. “WASHLET,” “CLEAN SYNERGY,” and “TOUCHLESS” are the keywords behind TOTO’s proposal.

Let’s wash with WASHLET™️

A ‘Hygienic and Comfortable Lifestyle’ is explored with the message ‘Let’s Wash’, the meaning of the word WASHLET™️. The message is that users can wash with warm water rather than wiping to provide a feeling of well-being to everyday lives.

CLEAN SYNERGY Technology & Design

TOTO’s technology for toilets is not only about individual function but the combination of each technology. ‘CLEAN SYNERGY’ is all about the collaboration of technologies that keeps your toilet clean every time you use it.

The security of TOUCHLESS

TOUCHLESS technology allows you to take action around the bathroom area without touching fixtures. TOTO is producing TOUCHLESS bathroom spaces, delivering a sense of security for all users.

The TOTO website also features a full range of digital content including presentation movies and virtual spaces.

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