At an altitude of 1,250 meters, the Burghotel Falkenstein nestles at the foot of Germany’s highest castle, a complex that bears the same name. The gourmet hotel boasts award-winning cuisine and unmistakable interior design, Duravit as a complete bathroom provider features in the hotel with design series such as Luv, White Tulip, and C.1.

Free-standing bathtubs with a spectacular view

Burghotel Falkenstein:
Relax in the free-standing Luv bathtub. (Source: Paul Meyer)

17 rooms and suites have been designed with a keen eye for detail. Each room is unique and has its own charm. For example, the bed in the “Ludwigstraumsuite” affords views of the starry sky over the Alps.

A real highlight is the “Schlossblic ksuite”, where guests can enjoy a view of Schloss Neuschwanste in from the freestanding Luv bathtub. “We were impressed straight away both by how the Luv bathtub looks and feels” This is the verdict of hotelier Simon Schlachter.

“As a high-quality free-standing bathtub, it blends perfectly into the living space and creates a perfect feel-good experience for our guests,”

Designed by Cecilie Manz, the bathtub’s surprisingly velvety feel sets it apart from the crowd. The material DuraSolid® allows for an amazingly thin bathtub rim and a spacious interior.

Haute cuisine – unique location and culinary delights

The hotel’s culinary prowess is demonstrated by the Michelin Star awarded by the Michelin Guide in 2020. The team serves captivating modern cuisine as a “reinterpretation of classic dishes”.

This same approach was taken when designing the hotel with its unique sense of space plenty of charm, a touch of cosiness, and sophisticated design.

Most exacting requirements in the hotel environment

Duravit World Tulps

The family-run business renovated the hotel in the spring of 2022. Duravit products were selected for the remodelling of the Burghotel.

“As a hotel operator we place a lot of value on exclusive design and durability. Bathroom products need to look good – that’s a given – but at the same time they need to meet the highest standards in terms of hygiene and ease of care.”

Organic above-counter basins, sophisticated faucets White Tulip combines these requirements. With an extravagant design by Designer Philippe Starck, the above-counter basins of the series lend uniqueness to the washing area, and the shape is inspired by the silhouette of a blooming tulip. The innovative material DuraCeram® makes delicate shapes with extremely thin wall thicknesses possible hygienic, easy to clean and consequently highly robust, anti-wear, and scratch-resistant.

Additionally, C.1 faucets with a sophisticated look and design by Kurt Merki Jr. blend harmoniously into the high-class interior. C.1 faucets set the tone for the room with their unpretentious simplicity and create a perfect synthesis with the washbasin and bathtub.

Burghotel Falkenstein: