With the new BetteEve bath collection, the organic, ellipse shape makes its way into the bathroom. Inspired by nature, Bette has made the transition between the edge and the inner body of the bath silky and smooth. Made from durable glazed titanium-steel, it is as if the gentle force of water has smoothed the material over millions of years

At the beginning of the 17th century, the astronomer, Johannes Kepler discovered the elliptical shape of the planetary orbits. The Baroque artists and architects enthusiastically took up this discovery and celebrated the elegant and balanced shape of the ellipse in buildings, parks, jewellery and picture frames. For BetteEve, designer Dominik Tesseraux (Tesseraux+Partner, Potsdam) has interpreted this form in a modern way to create harmony and sensuality in a glazed titanium-steel bath collection.

The aim was to achieve a perfect ellipse and also to give the impression that the bath had been smoothly hollowed out by running water. Bette was able to achieve the fine curves and jointless transitions in the extremely hard material because of its expertise in the forming and enamelling of steel.

The BetteEve is a natural and comfortable bath that is also comfortable for two to bathe together because the ellipse has two focal points. The BetteEve baths are a generous 180 x 100 cm, with symmetrical backrests on both sides and a central waste outlet.

Three Versions and over 400 colours
BetteEve is available in three versions: a freestanding bath, an oval built-in bath and a built-in bath with a rectangular surround.  The freestanding BetteEve is eye-catching, especially when chosen in one of Bette’s many colour options. It is available in over 400 colours, including matt white, glittering midnight and flattering blue satin.

The rectangular built-in BetteEve allows flush-mounted, integrated installation as the glazed titanium-steel forms the surface around the bath. It is also particularly easy to clean, as any excess water can be wiped off into the bath. The BetteEve oval built-in bath can be almost completely integrated into the bathroom furniture, as it has an extremely fine, 20 mm rim.

Both built-in versions can also be selected in over 400 colours. All BetteEve baths come with a 30 year warranty which guarantees the quality of the material and of Bette’s manufacturing in Germany. Sound insulation is also included.