German bathroom manufacturer, Bette, offers its baths, shower trays and basins in over 400 colours and has launched a new colour reference fan to help retailers demonstrate the wide choice available.

The new colour fan features Bette’s most popular colours, including its shimmering ‘effect’ colours and its range of 22 matt colours. It is available free to retailers, who can also find out more about Bette’s wide choice of colours at its new website address:

Bette can create its baths, shower trays and washbasins in over 400 colours because of the way its products are made. Each item is individually manufactured in titanium-steel, before its durable BetteGlaze enamel finish is applied and fired. Bette mixes colour pigments into the BetteGlaze enamel finish, prior to application, which is why such a huge range of colours, including gloss, matt, shimmering and glittering options, are available.

Bette’s unique finish not only allows over 400 colour options, but the glazed titanium-steel results in products that keep their good looks for many years, are easy to clean, 100% recyclable and come with a 30 year warranty, making them ideal for both residential and contract projects.

22 Matt Colours

Some of Bette’s most popular colours are its 22 exclusive matt options. These colours are often selected for Bette’s flush-to-floor shower trays, as well as its baths and basins. The colours take their inspiration from natural stone colours, and also include matt white, which is becoming increasingly popular.

Sven Rensinghoff, head of marketing at Bette comments: “Coloured products can provide eye-catching dashes of colour, for example, the spotlight can be put on the hand washing area by selecting the round BetteCraft washbasin in luminous green or a soft shade of blue. Eye-catching special effect colours, such as our Midnight black glitter colour, or the ever-changing Forest colour, can create impact and visual interest that changes as the lighting alters.

“In addition to innovative and eye-catching colours, Bette also offers a wide range of timeless, discreet shades including pastels, earth and stone colours and matt options. These can help to radiate a calming effect and convey a natural cosiness and are some of our most popular colours. For example, more than 40 percent of Bette customers currently choose timeless, natural, matt colours for their Bette glazed titanium-steel shower floors.”

To find out more about the wide range of Bette colour options see or telephone 0844 800 0547 to order a colour fan.