The Kocoon features all the benefits of Kinedo’s self-contained shower cubicles yet has luxury shower panels, rather than the glass internal panels that Kinedo cubicles are famous for.

The cubicles are available in multiple sizes and are popularly used as bath replacement products. One customer, from the Midlands, was looking for such a product that would blend into the original décor of his tiled bathroom and the beige patterned shower wall of the Kocoon looked like a perfect match. However, the standard specification of a recessed Kocoon – with two patterned end panels and a single plain back panel – didn’t meet his unique requirements.

The customer not only wanted all three panels with the pattern, but also an alternative installation point for the shower valve and showerhead. Unable to support the request, the

local plumbers merchant recommended direct contact with the Kinedo technical team, who provided personalized support for a personalized shower cubicle.

After colour samples were sent to the customer for approval, the team ordered a set of bespoke panels from the company’s manufacturing base in France and no holes were pre-drilled to enable a bespoke shower valve installation on site.   

The unit was delivered and installed within 9 weeks of the initial enquiry and the customer is delighted with the result;

“From start to finish the team to Kinedo have bent over backwards to support my requirements. I am really pleased with the cubicle which slots directly into the recess where my bath was previously. I was keen to retain the existing tiles and this cubicle gave me that opportunity. Then, when I wanted something over and above the standard spec, the team could not have been more helpful and I think the result is absolutely stunning.”

The Kocoon cubicle is supplied as one integrated package that includes the tray, internal shower panels, glass external panels and door, as well as the smart shower valve, rainshower head and handheld shower with anti-twist hose.

The specification team at Kinedo is very happy to work with installers and specifiers to deliver solutions, including sales specials, that meet any project requirements. The technical team will also deliver installation training on-site to ensure that all plumbers and installers can benefit from best practice installation.

A Kinedo cubicle can be installed and ready to use in under half a day with no tiles, grout or silicone required.