Luxury mirrors, storage and accessories specialist Bathroom Origins has been pivotal in the redesign of Idol Hair in the East End of London.  Their luxury Tate Light mirrors take centre stage in every premium booth. These stylish pods have been cleverly designed by salon owner Marc Luickx and created by bespoke furniture makers Edwards And Bull in response to the pandemic.

Hairstylist Marc has transformed his salon by cleverly creating zen-like cocoons that allow clients to feel safe Bathroom Origins’ Tate Light mirrors complete this luxury look.

His inspiration for this clever redesign came from watching a TV programme on first-class aeroplane travel with sleeping pods during lockdown in May last year. As soon as Marc saw these booths, they created a lightbulb moment for him. He says: “I was looking for innovative ways in which to adapt my hair salon to work with the ‘new normal’.

“When I watched this show, the travellers said they felt quite safe getting into their pod with everything there – away but not isolated from one another.  This concept stuck in my mind and I started thinking about developing individual units, hair pods, where you walk in, sit down and don’t have to move throughout your visit.”

Sofia Charalambous, co-director at Bathroom Origins, explains: “Many of us rely on our hair salons for a sense of community, self-care and wellbeing. So, we were delighted to work with Marc (my hairdresser for nearly three decades, a confidante and friend) to enable him to realise his dream redesign.

“I was invited to join some of Marc’s other clients in the interiors industry,  to specify products which would complete the luxury salon look Marc had envisaged. I instantly knew our Tate Light illuminated mirrors, which feature super-stylish black frames, would be perfect. With 6000k cool lighting around every frame, this creates ideal illumination for each client and it provides an additional light source in this salon.”

Marc adds: “I’ve known Sofia at Bathroom Origins for 27 years and she has become a great friend.  I’m delighted with our Tate Light black illuminated mirrors which enhance our industrial-style track lights. Their lovely cool 6000k light illuminates the face perfectly – they are stunning mirrors.”

Tarkett flooring was chosen in green and black due to its sustainable properties and this contrasts beautifully with Farrow & Ball‘s soothing Peignoir paint colour on the walls.  Marc completed the look with a partial living ceiling of 200 plants,  including air-purifying peace lilies. These help to add biophilic elements of nature, which are intrinsically linked with wellbeing, in his leading designer salon.