In the year of Barbie, it’s no surprise that Brits are embracing pink in their home interiors – and most notably in their bathrooms.

New data gathered by Toolstation unveils pink bathrooms are the reigning bathroom colour trend for 2023, boasting a significant 20% increase in demand compared to the previous year. With over 29,000 searches for “pink bathroom” this year, it’s clear that Brits are willing to make a statement with this trendy bathroom colour scheme.

A splash of colour in 2023

Although there’s something timeless about a neutral-coloured bathroom, 2023 has seen a surge in searches for colourful bathrooms. With pink as frontrunner, Brits are also keen to explore orange bathrooms, with an increase of 13% compared to 2022. Following closely behind are green and gold, each seeing an 11% increase in demand.

On the flipside, grey bathrooms have seen a dramatic decrease in searches, down 15% from 2022. Searches for black bathrooms have also dwindled by 7%, with the classic white bathroom also declining in popularity with a search decrease of 3%.

Is beige the new black?

In a year where demand for vibrant bathroom colours have soared in popularity, this classic colour scheme has remained a popular option for many Brits. Searches for “beige bathroom” increased 14% in 2023, suggesting that there’s still a strong desire among homeowners to create a relaxing, spa-inspired bathroom. With the decline of searches for both black and white bathrooms, it seems that homeowners are choosing beige as their neutral of choice.

UK Google searches for bathroom colours in 2022-2023

Pink Bathroom24,20029,00020%
Beige Bathroom7,3008,32014%
Orange Bathroom5,1405,79013%
Green Bathroom35,80039,60011%
Gold Bathroom8,4809,38011%
Purple Bathroom3,9004,0805%
Silver Bathroom2,2902,3603%
Cream Bathroom5,0305,0100%
Blue Bathroom19,90019,400-3%
Brown Bathroom5,4005,260-3%
White Bathroom20,90020,200-3%
Yellow Bathroom7,9407,640-4%
Black Bathroom65,80061,200-7%
Red Bathroom3,0002,640-12%
Grey Bathroom30,00025,600-15%
Copper Bathroom40,30032,300-20%

Trendy vs timeless: how often should Brits switch up their bathroom?

It’s always tempting to undertake a new bathroom renovation with so many new and exciting trends floating about, but how often should you really be redoing your bathroom? Over half of our trade experts (52%) recommend that your bathroom can last for at least nine to ten years, with a further 27% saying your bathroom will still be fine after 11+ years.

So, is it worth committing to an all-pink bathroom for the next ten years? According to property expert Jonathan Rolande, the answer is no. Jonathan comments that “As for features to avoid, coloured suites are up there. Most people won’t want a home with a green bathtub or pink toilet, so it’s best to keep things plain and simple with white.”

Instead of splurging on larger items, Jonathan recommends incorporating trending colours in less permanent ways: “If you do want to add pops of colour to a bathroom, it’s better to do this through the soft furnishings such as bathmats or towels, as these can be easily switched out by the homeowners.”

You also can’t underestimate the power of a fresh lick of paint and some new grout – these simple DIY jobs can transform your bathroom from outdated to trendy with little investment or hassle. Small hardware changes such as new door handles or bathroom taps are also an easy way to bring your bathroom into 2023.

For more information on 2023’s bathroom trends as well as expert trade advice on refurbing your bathroom, see the Toolstation website.