With smart technology now built into many home areas, such as heating, lighting, TVs, security systems and energy meters, we are now seeing the emergence of smart tech in other parts of the house, including the kitchen and bathroom. Each device or appliance brings its own benefits, including control, convenience, accessibility and safety. British shower brand Aqualisa has pioneered this technology with its latest generation of Aqualisa Quartz Smart Showers.

Aqualisa Quartz Smart Showers deliver personalised showering and offer a range of advantages that enhance the user’s experience. For example, users can start their shower remotely using Alexa or Google Assistant or the remote control via Wi-Fi, confident that the water is at the perfect temperature every time. A clear LED display indicates when the shower is ready – there’s no need to lean in and test the water. A bath fill option allows remote selection of the water temperature and level.

The Aqualisa Quartz Smart Shower also offers important eco-friendly benefits: families can use the Aqualisa app to control shower duration and monitor water usage, therefore limiting water consumption, energy use and costs. Available in three models, plus a Smart Retrofit solution, the Quartz range is designed for easy installation with minimum disruption to the bathroom.

The intelligence behind the Aqualisa Quartz Touch lies in its SmartValve technology, which seamlessly integrates with Wi-Fi, and is straightforward to use. The maximum temperature of the shower can be set in the SmartValve to ensure safe showering. The flow rate can also be switched to Eco mode, decreasing flow by up to 33%, therefore reducing water wastage and further saving on household bills.