Spanish bathroom manufacturer Acquabella has reportedly installed Europe’s largest automated shower tray production line at its facility in Vall d’Uixo in the Valencian provence of Castello.

The 7,5000sqm line is dedicated to the manufacture of stone resin shower trays and increases the company’s annual capacity by 150% from 240,000 to 600,000 models.

The new line uses an RFID system that tracks orders throughout the entire production process and uses robots in a continuous chain to speed up the process. According to the company, this investment is expected to lead to significant improvements in delivery times,

This latest development follows on from the opening of its R&DI building in 2019 where the brand develops its designs.

With all these improvements Construplas, Acquabella’s parent company, now has three separate buildings; the 7,500 square metre facility devoted to shower tray manufacture, one for worktops, panels and accessories, and a third for innovation and product development.

Acquabella Europe's largest production line