The bathtub collection, from Spanish brand Acquabella, consists of six different models capable of adapting to any need and all style preferences.

The minimalism of the design, combined with the characteristics of high-quality materials, allows bathtubs to become an essential feature in contemporary bathrooms. In this sense, Acquabella offers a complete selection of freestanding bathtubs to suit any style, but with a common factor: the elegance of their shapes.

Bathtubs with an elegant minimalist design
The Chrea, Lech, Levi, Vars and Venet bathtubs are presented as freestanding bathtubs. One of the latest additions, the Chrea bathtub, is distinguished by its welcoming, rounded design: the diagonally cut rim accentuates the asymmetrical and dynamic lines, as well as making it more ergonomic and comfortable. The Levi model, inspired by the sinuous movement of the waves of the sea, embodies the sophisticated curvature of the edges for a soothing visual harmony. The Vars bathtub is more daring, but retains the welcoming roundness of the other models, while the Venet model, with its rigorous and elegant look, presents bevelled edges on the base. Finally, the Lech bathtub (pictured very bottom) has a deep, curved design that makes it unique.

The Voss bathtub (pictured very top) is the latest addition to the bathtub family, and is offered in a semi-freestanding format. It’s designed to make the most of the space in our bathroom, becoming the best option when it comes to small bathrooms.

New generation material
The exposed products are made of Dolotek®, Acquabella’s material that allows to model the most complex shapes. Dolotek® provides a silky, smooth surface for a flawless appearance. This material, made from dolomite stone and resin, is extremely resistant to wear and impact, with superior performance than traditional materials, which is why it is often referred to as “21st-century ceramics”.


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