Life after lockdown has changed how we spend time in the home and even as restrictions lift, the way we use our interior space may have changed forever.

Consumers are now increasingly searching for pared-back tones that reflect nature and offer a flexible backdrop with true longevity. In fact, research by REHAU found that 59 per cent of people prefer calming and neutral tones, paired with the addition of accessories to inject character into the space.

In response to this demand to create a sense of peace in the home, REHAU has created a palette inspired by nature – reflecting the breath-taking natural scenery of Iceland and the relaxed yet modern Nordic lifestyle that it represents.

Scott Williams, National Sales Manager for REHAU Furniture Solutions, explains:

Neve – radiant, clear and pure

Pure white atop Iceland’s snow-capped mountains, this shade is the kind of white that facilitates contrast and creates a peaceful feeling of serenity. The colour works well with calming, natural designs featuring solid wood or wood-effect materials, as well as creating a standout pairing for more bold and eye-catching colours.

Neve Radiant Clear and Pure
Neve – Radiant

Nebbia – neutral, mysterious and subtle

This trend reflects the veil of dark evenings, capturing a fog that encapsulates the scenery and creates a monotone aesthetic of dark and moody hues, evoking an atmosphere of mystery.

rehau Nebbia

The colour is perfectly paired with any style and reflects industrial design, yet is also a subtle counterpart to brighter colours.

Terriccio – vibrant, abundant and earthy

Iceland is the land of volcanoes and its soil is rich in nutrients as a result. Volcanoes represent nature’s power, renewal and the circle of life.


This shade is the perfect match for black and anthracite accessories, which form a natural harmony with such a dark brown. Also working well paired with mint or other pastel shades, Terriccio’s gentle metallic shimmer makes it a real focal point.

Menta – natural, refreshing and harmonious

During the summer months, Iceland’s herbs, ferns, lichens and grasses provide appealing splashes of colour. Shades of mint evoke the spring – and the wonderful moment when you really feel the days getting lighter and the nights shorter.

Rehau Menta

This colour is perfectly paired with other pastels, which creates a look that is gentle on the eye and brings vibrancy into a room without feeling overpowered. Menta creates a stylish contrast to a rich dark brown.

Laguna – Nordic, versatile and fluid

Iceland’s Blue Lagoon is a well-known destination, but the island is home to many more small lakes and lagoons, as well. Every body of water is unique, with its very own shape, colour and appeal.

Rehau Nordic

Laguna comes into its own alongside silver, light grey, green-ish grey, aged wood and asphalt grey. When paired with other colours, the grey takes a step back and provides additional depth.

Atlantico – mysterious, deep and intense

Iceland is surrounded by the Atlantic, the world’s second-largest ocean. The Atlantic and its seas cover around a fifth of the earth’s surface, connecting continents, offering a home to a diverse array of aquatic creatures – and harbouring no end of secrets.

This colour (pictured top) goes perfectly with various shades of blue that come together to form a harmonious whole. If you are looking for contrasts, you can pair this dark blue-ish grey with concrete for a minimalist effect, or with gold for a sophisticated touch.

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