An emerging sector in interior design is the amenities within luxury residential developments. Today we look at four highly bespoke, beautiful spa transformations from award-winning design studios Goddard Littlefair and Champalimaud Design.

Chelsea Barracks Spa

Chelsea Barracks spa

Goddard Littlefair has created a luxury hotel-standard spa experience within the iconic setting of Chelsea Barracks by designing a spa devoted to narrative and aesthetics.

By using only the very best quality materials, such as Carrara marble, and state of the art wellness amenities the studio has been able to create an elegant, opulent and timeless space that transcends fashion. 

Attention to detail, such as lighting that gradually evolves throughout the day and a spa journey that has been well thought out, such as four distinct routes, ensures a harmonious experience for all residents. 

“We want to immerse people from the entrance to the heart of the Spa, and maintain that atmosphere throughout. Because ultimately, that is the purpose of the Spa.” – Jo Littlefair, Director and Co-Founder of Goddard Littlefair.

Southbank Place Spa

Southbank Place Spa

Set in the heart of London, Goddard Littlefair is behind the spacious and exclusive 2,000 sqm spa within the Southbank Place development.

Sustainability was a key factor in the design, with greener fabrics and finishes installed throughout. Other stand out features of the project include a dedicated socialising and relaxation space, extensive treatment menu, sauna and steam rooms and a 25m heated swimming pool, all within a private sanctuary – allowing residents to leave the outside world behind. The spa has been designed to evoke a sense of calmness, through emotive lighting, such as Nulty Bespoke’s installation in the pool area in which each glass drop has been specifically crafted to glow and mimic the flow of water.

Southbank Place Spa

The Beverly Hills Hotel Spa

Beverely Hills Hotel Spa

Champalimaud Design were tasked with overseeing the restoration of the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel, which included the redesign of the 2,600sq ft spa. A playful, light and soothing atmosphere has been created through a new journey pathway, fresh colour scheme and nature printed wall coverings.

The reception area was relocated to ensure guests can complete a private check-in and out, to further elevate the exclusive and personalised experience.

A youthful design has been achieved, while still honouring the iconic signatures the hotel is synonymous with, such as the banana leaves. A bold deep blue colour inspired by Lapis Lazuli was incorporated to stand out against the hotel’s signature palette of soft pastels. 

Nature held a huge inspiration and has been woven throughout the design transformations, forging a connection between the spa and hotel gardens, to create a truly serene and peaceful environment. The wallcoverings were custom designed with Fromental to depict the vivid flora and fauna of California. Champalimaud has optimised the lighting throughout the space; the nail suite was purposefully positioned to take advantage of the natural light from the citrus garden and bespoke Oakworks’ treatment tables featuring in-built heat features and LED lights were included to gently illuminate rooms.

Athenaeum Spa at Corinthia Palace, Malta 

Goddard Littlefair has provided a new look to the 2000 sqm Athenaeum Spa at the Corinthia Palace Hotel, located in the heart of the Mediterranean on the island Malta. Inspired by nature and the unmated settings of the hotel, set in the gardens next to the San Anton Palace, the studio has created a wellness sanctuary that evokes a sense of calm and serenity over all who visit. 

The highly bespoke service is tailored to each guests specific needs. Goddard Littlefair has created a space in which guests can truly relax and thus want to remain in. Guests are encouraged to book time, rather than a set treatment to provide an elevated holistic health experience. The spa draws upon both local and global expertise. They have partnered with world-renowned skincare brand ESPA, to offer their products, treatment and expertise. There is also an exclusive treatment range from local Maltese artisan aromatherapist Stephen Cordina, using the best all-natural ingredients. 

The studio has created a mix of indoor and outdoor zoned spaces, to cater to every guests desires, from a spacious indoor swimming pool to intimate cabanas in the secret garden. A muted, natural colour palette was used throughout to create an elegant look, that still honours and provides a connection to the Mediterranean nature and heritage. From the moment they step into the space guests are encouraged to unwind and indulge in escapism.