2020, a leading provider of applications and enterprise solutions has announced it has welcomed Jonathan Earl and Charles Thompson to the 2020 team as the new area sales managers in the United Kingdom.

Jonathan Earl (pictured top) has previous experience working with independent KBB studios selling a range of products from hinges, runners, worktops, and appliances. He has joined 2020 as an area sales manager for the south of the United Kingdom to work with new partners who want to use 2020 Fusion Live, the best kitchen and bathroom design application available.

‘2020 Fusion Live is really exciting for me as I have aphantasia, which is a complete inability to form mental images,’ says Earl. ‘To bring things to life that I cannot otherwise visualise is brilliant and really helpful for me and I’m thrilled to share my excitement for our solution with our customers.’

2020 Charles Thompson
Charles Thompson

Charles Thompson has experience managing several KBB businesses throughout Yorkshire over the last decade, his main experience coming from an independent retail background. He will be involved in introducing the 2020 Fusion Live system to new and existing customers in the north of the United Kingdom. He will also be looking to maintain and build on existing relationships either with support or training.

‘I am hoping customers can call on my experience and knowledge to help them understand the benefits of our products and services,’ says Thompson, ‘in particular our support and training services, which are second to none. With the launch of a major new addition to our 2020 Fusion Live package, now has never been a better time to join 2020.’

Connect with Jonathan Earl and Charles Thompson via their LinkedIn profiles.