2020 has announced the release of 2020 Fusion Live. The goal is to empower independent retailers with the tools to succeed in an evolving market through flexible working, an enhanced design experience and in-store engagement.

2020 Fusion Live key features: include

Working Remotely
In recent times, the need to have flexible working has become essential. In response to this need, 2020 Fusion Live uses digital licensing, tying the license to the user and not the computer. This allows designers to access their designs anywhere at any time.

“At 2020, we provide mission-critical support to the industry and our focus is on helping our customers succeed in a very uncertain and competitive time. With this new solution, we are empowering designers with the flexibility required for their business to adapt to an ever-changing market,” declares Tim Lambert, Director of EMEA, 2020.

Cloud-Based Manufacturers’ Catalogues
By using a cloud-based solution, all configurable manufacturers’ catalogues are accessible via 2020 Cloud. This ensures the designer is accessing up-to-date content, reducing order complications, increasing design accuracy and avoiding lost revenue.

2020 Fusion Live allows designers to easily search and place items faster than ever before. Users can find any product with advanced filters to locate items by description, partial product code and dimension. Designers can change door styles, finishes, hardware and cabinetry dimensions instantly and efficiently creating multi-style kitchens in seconds.
By using 2020 Fusion Live, users can design with more confidence, more accuracy and productivity, keeping their focus on their client needs.

Integrated Virtual Reality
2020 recognizes how virtual reality is changing the world of interior design. Hence, the newest release includes an integrated VR mode that provides clients with a fully immersive experience.

With just the click of a button, designers can transport their clients into their dream space. While they freely navigate and explore every part of their design, a dedicated view on-screen allows designers to follow their movement and guide them to various points of interest.

According to Tim Lambert, “Leading the KBB segment for over 30 years has afforded us the vision to foresee how seasons will change. By developing 2020 Fusion Live, we recognize that offering an accessible VR experience will shape tomorrow’s in-store engagement.”

Visit the 2020 Fusion Live webpage to learn more about the newest product release.