Wanda Group, the British underfloor heating expert, has expanded its headquarters in Caldicot, Wales, as a strategic move to kickstart a series of new business developments scheduled for 2024.

Nestled conveniently off the M4 corridor, the headquarters is situated just 30 minutes from Bristol and under an hour’s drive from Cardiff. The expansion encompasses a host of exciting additions and investments that will reinforce Wunda Group’s commitment to innovation, the local community, and sustainable British manufacturing.

Wunda’s new state-of-the-art demonstration centre, featuring an underfloor heating space equivalent to the footprint of four average homes, has been unveiled as the highlight of this move. This innovative space will serve as a year-round showcase for Wunda’s cutting-edge systems, building on the success of the Wunda Demonstration Centre unveiled in early 2023.

This new demonstration centre aims to demystify underfloor heating installation, emphasising the cost, energy, and time-saving benefits of Wunda’s Rapid Response® and WundaSmart systems. It will also seek to educate customers on the accessibility of underfloor heating as a DIY product. Four demonstration tables take the customer through the underfloor heating journey from delivery to an installed product and a member of staff will be on hand to answer questions ranging from what floor finishes are compatible to installation specifics as well as the kind of savings homeowners can expect to see.

All products are designed and developed by Wunda’s internal R&D team and with a strong emphasis on “British Made” Wunda Group’s manufacturing capabilities have also undergone significant expansion.

Tom Edmunds, general manager at Wunda Group, shared his insights on the expansion:

“Our core mission has always been to revolutionise the way that we heat our homes. The energy and cost of living crisis have accelerated the need to look at real, tangible ways to reduce bills in the short, mid, and longer term. Our recent expansion is the start of a major new chapter in our growth and investment story. The demonstration centre will allow us to have a year-round showcase of the systems our R&D team so passionately develops; enabling us to share our fantastic products with potential customers and tradespeople alike.”

The expansion also includes a move to larger office facilities, where the whole team will now operate from one location. Designed to foster collaboration, creativity, and efficiency within the growing Wunda team and streamline operations as production increases. To support staff in their transition to the new location, Wunda is providing transportation from the old office space to the new location.