With people having spent an increased amount of time at home during lockdown, more homeowners are looking to improve key areas of the home, especially the kitchen and bathroom. To delve into how preferences in the home have developed over the past year, REHAU has commissioned research of 2,000 people to produce a report which explores the latest colour trends emerging for kitchen and bathroom furniture. Here’s what we found:

What colours are peaking in popularity?

Selecting the most suitable colour scheme in a home may ultimately come down to personal design preferences of the homeowner, however trends also play a major role. On the one hand, there are those who prefer bold styles with bright, block colours to create a statement, while others are joining the movement towards more natural hues that mimic the surrounding environment to create a feeling of calm. This is reflected in our research, which found that 59 per cent of people prefer calming and neutral tones over bold ones, which they choose to pair with accessories to inject character into the space.

For anyone looking for a simple but impactful update, selecting standout pieces of furniture or worktops can achieve a renewed look without having to splurge on redecorating an entire space. For example, swapping out current worktop surfaces or cupboard fronts can immediately uplift an entire room. Open plan kitchens can particularly benefit in this way, as schemes flow into surrounding space.

Ranges such as our RAUVISIO Noir collection of monotonic matte surfaces are continuing to rise in demand, with hues such as forest green and different tones of grey remaining firmly on trend. These colours are particularly popular given the universal visual they create, providing the benefits of an updated interior scheme, with the comforting feel that familiar shades offer.

Our survey found that greys (30%) and warm neutral colour schemes (26%) were the most sought after for the kitchen, as they can provide a more refined feel without being clinical. At the same time, 39 per cent said they prefer white colour palettes for the bathroom, similar to those offered in our RAUVISIO Brilliant collection, reflecting demand for a  sleek and uncluttered finish that gives the illusion of a larger space. End users are embracing the chance to create schemes which accurately reflect their personality and style, whether this includes a mix of different coloured hues or embracing one specific colour scheme.

How to add personality using colour and texture

Almost half of those surveyed agreed that it is important for their home interior to look different to that of their family, friends or neighbours, showcasing the need to insert unique design choices into a space to make it one’s own. Careful consideration around the furniture in the kitchen and bathroom brings focus to these areas, allowing a homeowners’ personality to shine through.

REHAU colour trends

Whether opting for a subtle or daring scheme, varied detailed surfaces brought together can make a captivating backdrop. For example, RAUVISIO Wave is a textured surface that can be used to turn any piece of furniture into a genuine feature, whether integrated into a colourful or neutral backdrop. This can be introduced in all aspects of furniture design, utilising a combination of colours to truly reflect an individual’s personality and create a scheme that is as unique as they are.

Trends have evolved to reflect the events which have unfolded over the past year and caused a shift in preferences in the home, with a clear move towards expressing style through furniture, as well as a desire to mirror the outdoors with the use of neutral tones. However, creating a space which is timeless also remains key, so taking into consideration the longevity of a design is vital to create a long-lasting aesthetic. The abundance of colour schemes for furniture ranges provides end users with flexibility to select the most suitable tones and hues to fit their desired scheme, creating a space that perfectly suits their needs.

The full results of the survey – alongside statistics of the upcoming trends for homeowners, can be accessed in our latest industry report, Designing Different.

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