Walk-in shower enclosures represent a trend that combines functionality and aesthetics in an open space. Defined solely by a glass wall that separates the shower area from the rest of the bathroom, these products allow particularly easy access.

Walk-in solutions usually require more space than traditional enclosures. duka with its libero range offers ‘open space’ solutions designed to suit all environments. From large bathrooms to less spacious and more complex areas, these solutions never compromise the aesthetics and functionality of the shower.

The pure, practical design of the libero series underlines the relevance of a whole area dedicated to the shower and to the daily ritual of well-being. In addition to ensuring maximum comfort, quality and safety, duka Walk-In shower enclosures give greater depth and balance to the bathroom. In particular, they amplify the feeling of openness and transform the entire room into an even more livable and welcoming place.

liberio 5,000
Liberio 5000

The libero series offer different configurations, glass finishes, silk-screen printing and a variety of profiles, making the most varied customisation of the bathroom or wellness space possible, whether in the residential or hospitality sector. liberio 3,000 (pictured top), libero 4000 and libero 5000 (and libero 5000 Inlab) complete this series.

libero 5000 Inlab is the latest Walk-in innovation by duka. It is characterised by a special opening system whereby the door slides smoothly and lightly and disappears completely behind the fixed element. libero 5000 Inlab is a ‘dynamic’ and optimal solution for the design of bathrooms of any size. Moreover, thanks to the different installation possibilities – with wall profile, as frameless solution, with flush-mounted profile – it satisfies any aesthetic and design requirement.

ibero 5000 inlab
libero 5000 Inlab

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