The Unified Water Label Association (UWLA) is calling on the KBB industry to realise the importance of protecting the Earth’s fresh water supply. The call to arms was made on World Water Day – 22nd March. World Water Day focusses on the importance of fresh water and presses for the sustainable management of fresh water resources. 

UWLA MD Yvonne Orgill, pictured, said: “The theme of World Water Day 2021 is ‘Valuing Water’ – a sentiment that we will be exploring at our virtual conference, Water Matters, on Tuesday 13th April. 

“Everyone has a part to play in making responsible water-saving choices, especially those involved in designing, manufacturing, selling, installing and purchasing, water consuming bathroom products.

“The Water Matters virtual conference is free to attend and brings together representatives from across Europe to discuss why water matters to them, and how they are communicating this important message in their own marketplace.”

Impact Entrepreneur Ben Keene will be guest speaker at the conference. Ben cofounded Tribewanted, an eco-friendly sustainable community in Fiji, and has spent 20 years exploring how to make a positive impact through building start-ups, communities and adventures around the world.

Keene said: “Water is life! Helping people understand the impact of their water consumption and nudge them towards positive behaviour change is an exciting challenge. I look forward to sharing some stories at the Water Matters event that I hope will accelerate your impact.”

Carlos Velazquez, newly elected president of UWLA, will also present on update on the progress of the Unified Water Label across Europe. He said: “This will be an important conference for anyone that wants to learn more about how to communicate with customers on water efficiency and environmental issues. We have brought together an outstanding line-up of speakers to share their strategies, and the commercial benefits that come from supporting and promoting the Unified Water Label.” 

More information and a registration form can be found here