The Unified Water Label has been included within the criteria of energy saving taps, by the Energy Saving Trust, in a new initiative designed to encourage consumers to replace their old appliances with new efficient ones.

The European funded, energy efficiency project called HACKS (Heating and Cooling Knowhow Solutions) is promoting the energy efficiency message via a variety of consumer focussed channels, including their own website This website has been established for several years, and is a reliable and trusted tool, and source of information for energy-conscious consumers.

UWL managing director Yvonne Orgill said, “I am delighted that the UWL has been recognised within this project. It is an important channel for us to educate consumers about the link between water and energy efficiency, and promote the benefits of looking for products that display the label.

“I hope that many other organisations will support the HACKS project, as it is only by working together as one, that we will deliver our message and help drive forward change.”