Undrain has expanded its award-winning Reframe Collection of bathroom accessories with the launch of an exclusive new designer soap dispenser.   The carefully considered design has been created with keen attention to detail to guarantee the ultimate user experience.

Key features of the soap dispenser are its robust construction and non-slip base which keeps it upright and stable, but the most noble design feature is the angled nozzle.  This has been crafted to dispense a specifically measured quantity of soap and due to the angle, the soap lands in your hand and not on the washbasin.

It’s intelligent details such as this that are the hallmark of the entire Reframe Collection which incorporates an additional nine designer bathroom accessories.

Unidrain reframe

Soap Shelf & Shower Wiper – magnets are hidden in the wall mounting, which ensure the safe and discrete storage of the silicone blade wiper, whilst the shelf above provides a platform for all your showering essentials.  Both items are also available as individual units, making it ideal for an extensive range of projects.

Corner Shelf – corners; in reality tend to not be an exact 90-degree angle.   The beauty of the corner shelf is that is both visual and practical as it adapts to the specific shape and dimensions of the individual corner.  The shelf has an anti-slip barrier to ensure shower essentials do not slip when the shelf is wet, whilst discreet grooves enable excess water to drain away easily.

Towel Bar – place alongside your bath, shower, or washbasin, with its unique mounting design this bar keeps towels stylishly in situ.

Hooks – discrete and effective, these perfectly shaped hooks will prevent towels and garments from slipping.

Toilet Paper Holder – this keeps the roll in place with a magnetic removable part with carefully optimised friction properties, ensuring that the paper rolls off perfectly. This holder is reversible and can be positioned for your convenience.   An additional element is the spare toilet paper holder, which can be positioned alongside ensuring all needs are met.

Toilet Brush – Sleek design, hygienic functionality.  The toilet brush holder has an anti-drip function and for additional cleanliness an easily exchangeable brush head.

The 200 ml soap dispenser is 13.3 cm high and 7.7 cm in circumference, it is available as both a countertop model and a wall-mounted version, and like the other designs in the bathroom series, it is available in brushed stainless steel, polished stainless steel, as well as PVD-coated brass, black and copper.

The Reframe Collection is an exclusive high-quality Danish design bathroom accessory series, inspired by Scandinavian minimalism and quality, the Reframe Collection reimagines and develops well-known products to achieve the finest functionality in the bathroom.

“With the introduction of a new soap dispenser, the Reframe Collection is now even sharper. As an architect, plumber, or interior designer advising customers on their new bathrooms, you may want to suggest the Reframe Collection as a supplement to their line drains,” explains International Sales Manager René Risom.


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