If you are planning a new bathroom or re-vamping an existing space, Unidrain’s Reframe collection, created in collaboration with designer Kenneth Waabenand, comprises a complete collection of stylish bathroom accessories.

The current pandemic has meant people have spent more time in their homes and have taken a critical look at their bathrooms, the outcome; a re-vamp or the addition of a completely new bathroom.

This unique collection of bathroom accessories is grounded in Scandinavian design and quality with the addition of intelligent features these products have improved functionality within an elegant linear design.

The Reframe collection comprises of:

Soap Shelf & Shower Wiper – hidden magnets in the wall mounting ensure the safe and discrete storage of the silicone blade wiper, while the shelf above provides a platform for your showering essentials.

Unidrain re-frame collection

Towel Bar – place alongside your bath, shower or washbasin, with its unique mounting design this bar keeps towels stylishly in situ.

Hook – Discrete and effective, these perfectly shaped hooks will prevent towels and garments from slipping.

Toilet Paper Holder – this reversible holder means it can be positioned for your convenience.

Toilet Brush – Sleek design with hygienic functionality. The toilet brush holder has an anti-drip function and for additional cleanliness an easily exchangeable brush head.

Corner Shelf – The shelf is created from a reinforced steel plate and adapts to fit the ‘corner’. Available in five different colour options; copper, brass, brushed stainless steel, polished stainless steel and black.

The Reframe collection is designed to work and colour co-ordinate with Unidrain’s award-winning linear drains.

About Unidrain:

Established in 2003 this design company has gone from inventing the linear floor drain to creating a leading international brand, spreading Danish design ethics and Nordic minimalism to the rest of the globe. From five star hotels in the Maldives, to the Award-winning Herman K in Copenhagen Unidrain products and accessories play a key role in the look and feel of the most stylish bathrooms on the planet.