The phrase “every Englishman’s home is his castle” rings true for interior designer Nicole Franken and her husband, architect Professor Bernhard Franken. Located in Offenbach am Main, Hesse, this 300-year-old castle has been transformed into 26 private apartments, with the couple’s residence standing out thanks to their design expertise.

Transforming history with modern design

Nicole and Bernhard Franken, who run the architectural firm Franken Generalplaner in Frankfurt, undertook a total renovation of one of these apartments to create what is now their own home. The renovation took four months to complete, and as part of this process, the couple merged two bathrooms into one within a stylish mirrored space. For this, they selected Unidrain’s iconic line drains for two shower enclosures, as well as exclusive products from the Reframe Collection, to complete the vision for their new, historic home.


Rumpenheim Castle, originally built in the 17th century in the Baroque style, has a rich history as the summer residence of the Prince of Hesse-Homburg and a favoured destination for royal visitors, including Princess Mary of Teck. Despite the destruction it faced during World War II, the castle was rebuilt in 2002, retaining many of its historical architectural features, which inspired the Frankens’ renovation.

Nicole Franken talks about the underlying vision of the Unidrain solutions and how the couple have integrated them:

“We’ve been very intentional about respecting the castle’s history and combining the many historical styles has been so inspirational. Our bathroom has deep, green, 70s-inspired marble wall tiles that complement the original baroque style of the castle. We’ve installed Unidrain’s invisibly elegant line drain and Reframe accessories as an eye-catching minimalist contrast.”

The Frankens carefully selected elements that blend old and new, achieving a harmonious architectural balance. Their choice of Unidrain products was driven by their sleek, understated design, which seamlessly fits their vision.

Nicole emphasises, “We love Unidrain’s solutions because the line drain and the Reframe Collection each embody timeless, sleek, understated design. That’s what makes them so sophisticated. The drain is especially elegant, with its invisible technical solution. This is a prime example of less is more!”

Achieving architectural synergy

The minimalistic elements found throughout their apartment create a synergy of classic and modern styles, highlighting their architectural vision. Nicole concludes, “Minimalist elements throughout our apartment help create the perfect synergy of classic and modern. We’re delighted with the Unidrain solutions, as they accentuate our architectural vision perfectly.”

By blending the castle’s historic grandeur with modern design elements, Nicole and Bernhard Franken have created a unique and harmonious home, demonstrating the transformative power of thoughtful architectural design.