Turnstyle Designs, a designer and manufacturer of high-end architectural hardware, has announced the appointment of Oscar Roberts as the new managing director.

Oscar will be taking over the helm from his father Stephen Roberts who has successfully led and grown the company for over three decades. Stephen will move into the role of Chairman and will continue to head design and development with his wife Christina.

Founded by Stephen in 1992, Turnstyle Designs is dedicated to pushing the design and manufacturing of premium quality architectural hardware from its factory in the heart of North Devon. The company has become a trusted name within the industry, known for its craftsmanship, attention to detail, and exceptional customer service and has showrooms in London and the USA.

“I couldn’t be prouder to have someone as capable and passionate as Oscar to take over, he was born in the same year as the company was founded and has Turnstyle in his DNA. It will be exciting to see how the company develops under his leadership.”

Oscar is excited to take on his new role and build on the company’s success.  

After working for the company in various roles throughout his life, Oscar joined Turnstyle full time in 2018 and continues to absorb all aspects of the business.

“It’s a fantastic time in the businesses lifetime to take this role on. We’ve got a great legacy from which to build but I feel we are only just getting started!”

In his new role, Oscar has pledged to continue to prioritise sustainability and responsibility in all aspects of the business.

“Reducing the impact, we have on the environment around us and ultimately working to restore it should be paramount to every business. We’re doing a lot of good but there is always more we can do.”  said Oscar. The future of Turnstyle designs is secure for another generation under Oscar’s leadership and the company is poised for continued growth and success in years to come.

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