TOTO’s two new award-winning automatic taps feature its new ECO CAP technology to reduce water consumption.

Perfect for residential and hospitality bathrooms, these collections were both recognised with the international Red Dot Award and Green Design Award for outstanding design. Available in a wide range of different versions, there is a perfect tap for every washbasin – from self-rim and undercounter washbasins to furniture washbasins and vessels.

The round and square tap collections each have five different versions – all of which are touch-free and use very little water. One special feature of TOTO’s touch-free tap is the SELF POWER technology, which can also be called an integrated “hydropower plant”: One of the smallest sensors in the world is installed in the spout, registering people’s hand movements to activate the flow of water. A second technology is also at work inside the faucet: A generator converts the energy from the flow of water to power the microsensor.

Water-saving technology creates a pleasantly full stream of water 

Another new technology is TOTO’s ECO CAP, which adds air to the water to reduce consumption and create a comfortable sensation: The stream of water feels very gentle and full, but the tap only uses two litres.

The perfect tap for every washbasin 

Each of these faucet collections – square and round – is available in three heights and two different wall spout lengths. The perfect tap is available for all types of washbasins – from self-rim and undercounter washbasins to furniture washbasins and counter basins and vessels. The two collections impressed the judges for the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2022 in February 2022: The design experts praised the “minimalistic design approach” and “expressiveness”, recognising the collections as winners. These two touch-free faucet collections also won the Green Good Design Award 2021. The “harmony of the design with its surroundings” played a role in the award, as well as the factor of “user-friendliness”.

Touch-free in the bathroom – TOTO taps, shower toilets and more 

Society’s experiences with the pandemic over the past few years have sensitised people in a variety of different respects, especially when it comes to hygiene. Cleanliness is important whenever several people use the same bathroom. The fewer surfaces people have to touch, the more comfortable. Touch-free faucets and hand dryers were once found exclusively in public washrooms but are increasingly found in private homes today. In addition to its touch-free taps, TOTO offers a number of other products that help elevate hygiene: shower toilets with automatic flush (WASHLET™), automatic soap dispensers, hand dryers and washbasins with especial dirt-resistant ceramic surfaces.