Following on from the announcement that Government plans to introduce a mandatory water efficiency label to inform consumers and provide guidance, BMA chief executive Tom Reynolds says they applaud the move, but the public must be engaged.

“In July this year, when Environment Secretary George Eustice announced new water efficiency measures, including new mandatory water efficiency labelling, details were scarce and the bathroom sector was left clambering for more information.

“Government is making all the right signals, recognising fresh water as the ‘world’s most precious commodity’ and acknowledging there is less of it to go around.

“As water supplies come under increasing pressure from climate change and population growth, these moves are very welcome by the bathroom sector, where we rely on secure supply for our products to function. In the home, it is the consumer who controls the amount of water used, the industry can provide water-efficient products but unless we educate the public on responsible water consumption, we will not reduce wastage. Providing the consumer with a product that limits the amount of water and reduces the efficiency and enjoyment of the experience will defeat the purpose.

“Government’s plans to deliver a ‘package’ of measures is laudable and includes moves to reduce leakage and the development of a roadmap to greater water efficiency in new developments and retrofits.

“We recognise and applaud the progress, it is a big step forward, but it must be accompanied by a clear public engagement campaign to help users understand the impact of their water consumption and influence behaviour change.

“To achieve the reductions required, manufacturers, our retail partners, policymakers and water companies have to deploy every tactic in their repertoire. It has never been more important to cooperate and work together to protect the UK’s supply and raise the profile of water efficiency.”