Stone Italiana has added to its 100% recycled Cosmolite® range with a new veined collection called Venantis. The collection was created for kitchen worktops, doors, countertops, and cladding surfaces.

The Venantis collection includes six veined colourways, from a soft white to deep black, via a warm beige and an innovative green. Venantis is the ideal choice for specifiers and homeowners looking for new and distinctive products of high recycled content and exceptional aesthetic quality.

The six colourways are:

  • Beige Igea – warm beige with brown veining
  • Black Juno – deep black with white veining
  • Green Artemis – dark green with white veining (below middle)
  • Grey Argo – light grey with brown veining
  • Grey Titano – mid-grey with white veining (below left)
  • White Teti – pale cream with brown veining

Since 2020, Stone Italiana has focused on promoting its innovative new material, Cosmolite® – a high-tech slab material made from inert materials 100% from recycled minerals.

The inert materials are 100% recycled pre-consumer minerals other than quartz. Part of the polymeric binder originates from renewable vegetable sources obtained from non-Genetically Modified (non-GM) and Identity-Preserved (IP) plants.

Stone Italiana focuses on increasing the levels of recycled materials across all their products, creating products that are low VOC and safe for food.

The company is committed to reducing its carbon footprint by installing photovoltaics and grid economisers at its manufacturing sites. The Stone Italiana Sustainability Report, EPD documentation and all brochures can be downloaded here:

Stone Italiana Venantis

Stone Italiana materials are available in the UK through Italian Luxury Surfaces at and 01753 31 44 44