Stone Italiana, a leading quartz and composite surface manufacturer, has published its second annual Sustainability Report and obtained an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) environmental certification for its entire range of surfaces.

The report acts as ongoing public proof of the company’s commitment towards a more environmentally conscious world and achieving a circular economy through greater use of recycled aggregates. All Stone Italiana products contribute credits to LEED-certified projects across four categories

The second Stone Italiana Sustainability Report records an increase in the percentage of recycled raw materials used to 11%, the introduction of a resin binder which is 25% of vegetable origin, and a 21% increase in turnover compared to the forecast. Securing EPDs for the full Stone Italiana range of materials was a goal set and achieved during the reporting period, extending the life-cycle study on all their materials from cradle to grave.

However, providing the design world with sustainable and aesthetically pleasing materials is nothing new according to Stone Italiana; the company has long adhered to an internal Green Vision.

Since 2020, Stone Italiana has focused on promoting its innovative new material Cosmolite® – high-tech slab material made from inert materials that are 100% derived from recycled minerals. The inert materials are 100% recycled pre-consumer minerals other than quartz and part of the polymeric binder originates from renewable vegetable sources obtained from non-Genetically Modified (non-GM) and Identity-Preserved (IP) plants.

Their Green Vision has also driven the company to continually innovate and focus on increasing the levels of recycled materials across all their products, on creating products that are low VOC and safe for food, and on reducing the company’s overall carbon footprint through the installation of photovoltaics and grid economisers installed at their manufacturing sites.

Stone Italiana materials are available in the UK through Italian Luxury Surfaces Ltd.

About Stone Italiana:

Stone Italia say: Creativity, versatility, production capacity and research are the keywords of a company that since its establishment in 1979 has made its mark on the market with an avant-garde approach to producing engineered quartz and marble. Stone Italiana designs, manufactures and supplies slabs in varying sizes and thicknesses to make them adaptable to a wide range of uses. Stone Italiana has reworked qualities found in nature, such as uniqueness, originality and variety, with high-performance solutions to satisfy an ever more demanding market.