Not everyone’s dream bathroom is a giant wellness temple. Using products that optimise available space opens opportunities for personal expression, even in small bathrooms.

Dura Square

From the washbasin through the shower and toilet right up to the free-standing bathtub – Duravit says its portfolio includes compact product variants that incorporate a range of materials, surfaces, and colours to create that personal feel-good factor.

Popular designer ranges such as Cape Cod by Philippe Starck (pictured top) or Viu/XViu from sieger design offer the perfect choice for compact rooms. With its organically curved forms the free-standing Cape Cod bathtub, measuring 1650 x 780 mm, is eye-catching in a room of any size.

No compromise is needed with the matching tall and semi-tall cabinets they provide excellent storage space for small bathrooms. Vanity units, starting at a size of 420 mm, offer additional storage options, such as the otherwise unused space under the washbasin.

The feel-good atmosphere in the compact bathroom can be further enhanced with the strategic positioning of bathroom embellishments, accessories, and plants as well as the interplay of welcoming light sources.

XViu with Viu