Scavolini, an Italian kitchen and bathroom furniture manufacturer, has launched Miko. This new range includes vanity units and wall storage that embrace many elements commonly found in living room and kitchen furniture, such as colour, textured surfaces, and a variety of fabulous finishes.

An immediate standout feature of the collection is the Moon Blue matt lacquer (pictured above) . This calming colour is hard to resist, but if you’re feeling a shade braver, Miko is also available in 24 other lacquers, including Powder Pink, Mustard Yellow, Ruby Red and Slate Black.

In addition to colour, Scavolini’s Miko collection brings texture to the bathroom with a slatted door, offered in gloss or matt lacquers, and laminates. These tactile finishes provide a pleasing contrast to the smooth ceramics in the bathroom, adding a sense of warmth, especially when chosen in a wood-effect finish. Also of note is the easy-to-open grip handle, which is available with a profile in a white, black or metallic finish (including Brass, Silver, Bronze and Titanium).

Finally, for a distinctive look, why not consider the timeless beauty of natural stone? While real stone can be a labour of love to take care of, particularly in wet areas like the bathroom, Scavolini’s choice of marble and slate-effect laminate doors are low maintenance and hassle free, making them a welcome addition to the Miko collection.

Bathroom Review Scavolini Miko

Scavolini bathrooms start from £5,000.

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