Saniflo has announced it is finishing 2022 on a high by winning the Build It Awards for the Sanifos 110 lifting station in the ‘Best Plumbing or Drainage System or Product’ category. 

The Sanifos 110 is the best-selling underground lifting station model in the 6-strong Sanifos range. The compact unit provides a cost-effective solution for the discharge of black and grey water waste from new and existing buildings where gravity drainage isn’t accessible. With an integrated grinder pump and multiple connection points, the 110-litre capacity unit is capable of discharging all the waste from individual dwellings or industrial units, but is also commonly used for extensions, outbuildings, garden rooms, glamping pods etc. The waste can be pumped vertically up to 14m and horizontally, which means that building projects are feasible even if they are sited beneath the level of the mains drains, sewer or water treatment plant. 

The flexible unit can equally be sited on the ground, in a cupboard, basement or a shed and is simple to install above or beneath the ground. The popularity of hybrid working over the last few years has paid witness to a boom in garden offices and these are often sited at a distance from the main property. These independent buildings are also widely used as gyms, salons, accommodation and hobby rooms. The Sanifos can facilitate the drainage for these buildings without the need for costly civils work, allowing the installation of bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and any other application requiring a waste discharge. 

Tim Pestell, managing director of Saniflo, was very pleased to receive the news from the Build-It team;

“The Build It Awards have been in existence for over a decade and are a coveted accolade for any supplier in the self-build industry. Saniflo products have been widely used in the sector for many years, particularly in refurbishment, change of use and extension projects and it’s great to receive formal recognition in the shape of the award.  The Sanifos 110 is a highly appealing product for self-builders and renovators because it offers the ability to build in places that might otherwise not be considered. Our thanks to the judges who chose this product from Saniflo.”

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