Saniflo UK – a leading designer and manufacturer of macerators, pumps and lifting stations – continues to solve some of Britain’s quirkiest plumbing issues while providing best-in-class technical consultation to ensure the right product is specified first time. 

sanibest pro

In March 2023, a 100-year-old two-storey guest house apartment above commercial premises in Inverness received a new Sanibest Pro to replace a non-Saniflo macerator that had been changed three times in seven years and had required multiple repairs and maintenance due to clogged blades.

The experts at Saniflo advised the property owner that the Sanibest Pro, although usually specified for commercial applications, would suit this domestic scenario because a more powerful product was required to dispose of items that clog blades, such as wet wipes. The Sanibest Pro occupies the same space as its defunct predecessor, so no additional plumbing or pipework was required.

Matt Watson, Saniflo national sales manager, recommends that customers call the Saniflo technical team to double-check their requirements as every situation differs, and there may always be a better solution. He says: “Our engineers often attend call-outs where a product has been misspecified. We would always recommend a commercial product for an application like this, particularly when members of the public use the facility. Guests often don’t follow disposal guidelines and put bulky items down the WC; they don’t tend to worry as they do in their homes, so mitigating for that is important.”

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