Saneux has introduced a new retailer initiative designed to help its network of brick-and-mortar retailers thrive despite the challenges they face from a crowded internet market. One of Saneux’s aims for 2023 is to strongly support its network of retailers and to provide the best experience for its consumers, the new Premium and Niche Dealers concept helps retailers sell offline in an e-commerce heavy world.

Sanuex believes that although it is important to have a presence online whether it is through a website or social media, it does not negate the impact of having a physical store, particularly in the bathroom industry.

About Premium & Niche Dealers

A Saneux Premium Dealer displays a vast selection of Saneux products in luxurious settings. These dealers will highlight Saneux’s latest products with stunning interiors that will inspire consumers and will give them a truly immersive shopping experience.

“We want to support our retail partners and make it as easy as possible for them to sell our products through the exceptional display areas that we’re designing together with them,” says Mark Jones, Saneux’s retail sales manager.

“The Premium Dealers will be given a dedicated account manager, extensive product training, and they will be listed as such on our new website coming later this year. This should help to drive traffic to their website and into their showroom.”

A Premium Dealer accreditation will be available for select retailers & showrooms only.

“There is a vigorous selection process for determining who can become a Premium Dealer,” Mark continues. “We want consumers to feel assured that when they visit a Saneux Premium Dealer they will be able to see a large selection of our products, they will come away with their questions answered, and they will feel confident enough to make their final purchase.”

Alongside Premium Dealers are Niche Dealers. These dealers will be displaying exclusive Saneux collections that are not available to purchase online, including the KINGSBURY and MONUMENT ranges.

Mark explains, “We want to support the high street merchants and showrooms by launching collections that can only be purchased through the high street retailer rather than online. As most things are accessible on the internet, we want to try and help increase footfall for showrooms by having a select number of them having the ability to sell on-trend stylish ceramics & furniture ranges.”

Just like the Premium Dealers, Niche Dealers will be listed on Saneux’s new website later this year.