According to reports in the Spanish press, Roca Group will be temporarily closing its seven factories in Russia in a move that is considered to be in solidarity with the people of Ukraine.

2,800 employees are said to be affected, an article in the Spanish daily newspaper La Vanguardia said that all will remain on the payroll as the company hopes this is only a temporary situation.

Roca Group operates in 170 countries and has 85 factories and a total of over 24,000 employees. With a long, established heritage with over 100 years of experience, the brand is recognised as a leading global operator, designing and manufacturing everything in bathrooms.

Together with UNICEF it has recently set up a campaign via its We Are Water Foundation to help bring drinking water to the victims of the war in the Ukraine, as well sanitation for Ukrainian refugees in Moldova and Romania. The foundation was initially established in 2010 and highlights problems derived from the lack of water and sanitation around the world. To make a donation – click the link.

Roca joins a growing list of global companies temporarily suspending operations in Russia.