Historic Cowley Manor Hotel has been renovated by the Experimental Group and the interior designer Dorothée Meilichzon.

Cowley Manor has a rich history that dates from the end of the seventeenth century when it was the property of the King. Built by skilled craftsmen using local stone, it has undergone several transformations including being the first private building in England to use concrete.

A curious anecdote has it that, in the nineteenth century, Lewis Carroll regularly visited Cowley, staying with friends in what is now the Old Rectory. It is said that Carroll wrote Alice in Wonderland, his most famous novel, taking inspiration from his stays here.

The recent renovation focused on enhancing the practical aspects of the hotel, particularly in communal areas like the bar and restaurant. Alongside, all 31 rooms received new furnishings and modern amenities.

Interior designer Dorothée Meilichzon blended classical and contemporary elements to create a welcoming atmosphere. Ritmonio solutions, notably the Diametro35 Elegance collection, were selected to add a touch of sophistication to the bathrooms. The collection includes different application solutions, from the sink to the bathtub and the shower. The Brushed finish adds to the aesthetic appeal, complementing the fluidity of the design.

Ritmonio says it remains a reliable partner in the hotel industry, continuously adapting to new trends and needs. Their focus on research ensures tailored solutions that enhance the guest experience while maintaining style and functionality.

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