New research from online bathroom retailer, Victoria Plum, has identified the most popular bathroom decor trends of the year so far, based on the number of mentions on Instagram and uplift in search volume figures during 2023.

The trends have been ranked by search volume uplift, with the initial list selected on the criteria of having more than 1,000 mentions on Instagram and being a predicted trend by experts at the beginning of the year.

Here are the top five bathroom decor trends of 2023 so far… 

  1. Textured tiles

Textured tiles saw a 100 per cent uplift in searches (according to Google Trends) from February to March and 7,272 mentions on Instagram.

Many people renovating their bathrooms are clearly looking to move away from plain tiles, which have dominated bathroom decor over the last few years. Textured tiles have proven to be the perfect solution to liven up any bathroom.

  1. Bespoke vanity units

Much like textured tiles, bespoke vanity units had a 100 per cent increase in searches during the same period and 1,604 mentions on Instagram, which is easy to see why.

The customisation element of bathroom decor has become very appealing as people look to maximise the space they have available to them in what can sometimes be one of the smaller rooms of the house.

  1. Clawfoot tubs

Clawfoot tubs have really taken off as a trend recently, with an 87 per cent increase in searches and a huge 74,130 mentions on Instagram proving its popularity. In general, freestanding baths are becoming ever more present in bathroom décor with search terms experiencing a 47 per cent uplift in volume from February to March.

  1. Heated flooring

While heated floors have been around for a long time, the trend is taking off again with 2,000 mentions on Instagram and a 73 per cent increase in searches from February to March 2023. The feature was once seen as a luxury item, but today they have actually been found to be more energy efficient than using radiators, meaning homeowners are now installing them to save on bills.

  1. Gold accents

This trend has seen a 60 per cent increase in searches from March to April and 139,656 mentions on Instagram. It’s easy to see why this trend has taken off as gold accents can be anything from toilet roll holders to towel rails, adding a luxury feel to any bathroom. 

Ruth Foster, interior design expert at Victoria Plum commented on the trends saying: “The bathroom is no longer a space of little consideration, style-wise. And, in the interest of avoiding a ‘clinical’ look, consumers want warmth, texture, colour, and unique designs when buying bathroom products.

“The trends identified above demonstrate luxury meeting affordability. For example, while freestanding clawfoot baths and gold accents make a space feel opulent, a trend like heated flooring links more to the cost of living.

“Another bathroom trend that also promotes affordability is focusing on products that help consumers make small changes to their home without breaking the bank, such as replacing a mirror, buying new towels, or incorporating plants.”

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