Nominated in the category In-Store Technology of the Year, Virtual Worlds 4D Theatre adds an immersive digital display to the showroom floor.

This technology has successfully met two criteria relating to retail sales performance – increased ATV and conversion rates and has removed several barriers that have traditionally held back kitchen and bathroom retailers; limited footprint, ageing displays, and a lack of information. Virtual Worlds has caught the attention of the judges with 4D Theatre, as it helps retailers overcome the problem of restricted display space and providing consumers with a fully immersive design experience that changes their buying behaviour.

Commenting on the shortlist announcement, Virtual Worlds Managing Director Nathan Maclean, said: “We are very pleased to have reached the shortlist for these prestigious retail awards. In an industry that has a standard conversion rate set at 60%, 4D Theatre retailers are claiming conversion rates upwards of 85% and some above 95%, such is the impact of this technology in-store. It is giving consumers a huge incentive to visit their local independent showroom, the importance of which cannot be over-exaggerated right now.”

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About Virtual Worlds

Virtual Worlds is the UK market leader in innovation-led CAD technology for the KBB market.  Since launching in 1998, it has broken boundaries in virtual technology innovation – being the first company to develop 3D design software for KBB retailers and, most recently, launching its new 4D Showroom Technology. Virtual Worlds is a division of Logicom Computer Services (UK) Ltd