With increased demand for solutions that provide both aesthetics and functionality, REHAU has unveiled its contemporary RAUVOLET tambour door range, designed to maximise space.

The roller shutter design is suitable for applications across the entire home – from kitchens and bathrooms, through to hallways and living space.

While folding and hinged doors can get in the way, tambour doors feature a roller shutter design to maximise room functionality. With the option to use horizontally or vertically, RAUVOLET systems are adaptable to different space parameters, too.

Keeping in line with modern aesthetics, RAUVOLET panels come in a range of sleek materials, including finishes from REHAU’s popular Noble Matt range, through to metallic-line aluminium and brushed stainless steel – meaning it can be seamlessly integrated with materials used across a wider design. For a more bespoke touch, there is also the option to apply personalised printing.

Designers can determine the profile, tracking system, and mechanism of the tambour door to achieve a bespoke fit. Despite detailed configuration, it’s possible to benefit from simple installation through a ‘plug & play’ system.

Scott Williams, National Sales Manager for REHAU Furniture Solutions, comments: “Whether it’s for kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms or surrounding space across the home, our tambour door systems are an ideal solution and can be tailored to suit any requirements.

“Today, furniture solutions need to be sophisticated, versatile and sometimes compact, in order to meet end-user expectations. On top of this, the growing trend towards urban living is seeing an increasing number of people sharing the same space, meaning interiors are becoming increasingly multifunctional.

“Flexible furniture is therefore becoming increasingly popular, especially when factoring in demands evolving from the pandemic, as many continue to spend more time inside while working from home.

“Here at REHAU, we look to offer contemporary solutions, and installing tambour door systems means indoor areas can be multifunctional even in the most demanding of spaces.”

For more information, visit: www.rehau.com/uk-en/interiors-tambour-doors