Creating a virtually seamless, durable mural, Metamorfosi from RAK Ceramics is a decorative porcelain surface that will make an eye-catching impression for any interior.

Metamorfosi is a large-format surface, available in two sizes – 120x260cm and 120x120cm. Inspired by the colours and shapes found in nature and responding to this important interior design trend, Metamorfosi is highly durable and splash resistant, just as porcelain should be, yet visually striking in its appeal, with several design options to choose from.

From geometric and floral patterns and lush tropical leaves, to bold and vibrant shades that tap into the trend for block colouring, Metamorfosi brings the beauty of nature in all its boldness indoors.


The collection includes nine colours and 11 decors transferred on to large-format brushed resin porcelain stoneware slabs, to create striking wall decorations that become part of the interior design. The shapes on the ceramic surfaces have a handmade appearance, creating a versatile, contemporary a wallpaper effect.

Metamorfosi is part of the Signature Collection from RAK Ceramics, a modern, sophisticated product range of cladding solutions for all design requirements.

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