Ragdale Hall Spa prides itself on offering its clients indulgent treatments, excellent facilities, high-quality products and amenities all designed to help them unwind and create the most relaxing experience possible.

As part of this service, they have recently installed their first Kelda Bubble Spa shower, with a second to be installed later this year. Renowned for their ability to combine air and water in a totally unique way Kelda has created a luxury shower system designed to provide a massaging shower experience whilst being sustainable – using 50% less water and energy than other spa-style showers.

Ragdale Hall Spa selected the BubbleSpa shower, as it provides a truly holistic showering experience.
A smart microprocessor in the overhead shower mixes the precise amount of air and water before precisely dispensing through one of the 16 HydrO₂ nozzles. This cocktail of air and water leaves each nozzle as a column, before breaking into a multitude of perfectly crafted bubbles, the Kelda BubbleRain experience.

Ragdale Hall Kelda Bubble Spa