Distributor PJH has launched its Bathrooms to Love BOND, a unique initiative that aims to protect the independent retailer from online pricing competition. The initiative is part of its growth strategy, of which the independent retailer is an important part.

Bathrooms to Love BOND, which stands for Brand assurance, Online price protection, New and exclusive product ranges, and Display and showroom support, helps to not only protect the Bathrooms to Love brand, but provides online price protection by preventing Bathrooms to Love products from being sold ‘like-for-like’ via e-commerce websites at reduced RRPs.

The Bathrooms to Love BOND commits PJH to protect and invest in the Bathrooms to Love brand and provides online price protection by preventing Bathrooms to Love products from being sold via e-commerce websites at reduced RRP’s.

The Bathrooms to Love BOND will also provide independent retailers with regular new product launches as well as offer the best display and showroom support. This includes Augmented Reality (AR), which facilitates greater product understanding by allowing products to be viewed in customer’s own spaces – all part of PJH’s 5-star First Choice Service.

Removing the ‘like-for-like’ price differentiation common between e-commerce sites and retail showrooms, PJH has introduced ‘Your Label’, an innovative and industry leading solution that allows retailers the ability to sell the Bathrooms To Love product range online via their own e-commerce website, with PJH providing the ability for the e-commerce customer to add unique product names,  codes and product information. Your Label will even apply retailers’ own product names and codes on the packaging label as well as deliver the product direct to customer homes, for a completely seamless retail solution.

Speaking about Bathrooms to Love BOND and the ‘Your Label’ solution,  Brett Jenkinson, head of retail customer experience, PJH, said: “Being able to support our ‘bricks & mortar’ retail customers against the challenge of on-line pricing is important for PJH, and pivotal to our continuous goal of providing a First Choice Service. Bathrooms to Love BOND, together with Your Label underlines this commitment to our independent bathroom retailers, helping them differentiate their product offering and therefore protecting them against on-line price discounting.

“Your Label’ supports this differentiation, allowing e-commerce customers to take advantage of the vast and always on-trend Bathrooms to Love collection, but to offer it to their customers with their own unique range and product names, and also with our end-to-end 5-star customer support including sourcing, picking, packing and delivery direct to the customer’s home.”

Bathrooms to Love BOND and ‘Your Label’ are available to new and existing PJH customers and will be supported by PJH’s class leading Partners Portal™ web site. This allows retailers the ability to manage transactions and view order history as well as access support materials such as product information, photography, and the tools to order, track and arrange ‘Next Day’ deliveries to 91% of UK post codes.

Brett added: “PJH prides itself on working with its many different customer types by providing solutions that are mutually beneficial – part of our ‘together we’re better’ strategy, and our Bathrooms to Love BOND and ‘Your Label’ initiatives reinforce this commitment to support the shared goal of growing sales.”

To find out more about the Bathrooms to Love BOND and ‘Your Label’ solutions contact PJH on: – Tel: 0800 8 77 88 99 or visit the e-commerce site: www.partners.pjh.uk