It is with profound sadness that KBB Distributor, PJH shares the news that its regional sales manager of 21-years, Eddie Rock (45), passed away suddenly over the Easter weekend.

Richard George, CEO, PJH said: “We [PJH] are deeply shocked and saddened by the untimely death of Eddie Rock. The thoughts of everyone at PJH are with his family and friends, and we extend our deepest sympathies to them.”

Rick Adams, PJH’s head of sales (retail), added: “Eddie was simply a beautiful soul, a genuine human being who showed so much love towards his colleagues and customers – everyone at PJH is heartbroken. He was a delight to work with, a model professional who always showed a positive attitude and gave everything to his role, he authentically cared about other people, no ego just simple love.

“We will miss him so much, he would have loved what’s coming along soon and I can imagine how he would have described it, ‘Absolutely Awesome!’

“God bless you Eddie, all of us at PJH will do you proud and never forget you.”

Eddie began his career at PJH working within the internal sales team, before quickly progressing to Internal Key account manager. His customer-centric style was the perfect fit for face-to-face sales, which saw him join the PJH external sales team where he worked successfully for over ten years.”

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