New and exclusive to the luxury BAGNODESIGN brand from SANIPEX are two beautiful PVD finishes, now available on many of its popular mixers, accessories and showering ranges

PVD Oyster is a luxurious, soft finish that perfectly complements soft-shaped mixer designs. Highly sought after by bathroom designers looking for a finish that elevates the entire space in a sophisticated way, PVD Oyster responds to a growing trend at the top end of the market.

The new finish is available on BAGNODESIGN brassware ranges, including Bristol (pictured below), Orology (pictured bottom), Corsair and the newly launched Nara collection (pictured top)


In stunning contrast, BAGNODESIGN PVD Soft Burgundy is a modern and distinctive finish with a rich colour and soft brushed metallic texture. It caters to the increasing demand for warm-toned brassware, a popular trend in bathroom design. PVD Soft Burgundy now features on two of BAGNODESIGN’s popular and contemporary mixer ranges, Vitesse (pictured right) and Mezzanine (below), giving even more creative freedom and design flair for bathrooms and washrooms.

Both PVD finishes are not only beautiful, but they are also highly durable, resistant to finger marks, tarnishing, corrosion and wear. For complete peace of mind, the finish comes with a 10-year guarantee.

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