Given everything that has been happening over the last year, one beacon of light our industry has continued to carry is the many promises made by manufacturers to go green. The initiative to reduce carbon footprints, switch to sustainable and cleaner manufacturing processes, or offer refurbishment/repair of components shows how hard our sector are working hard to offer sustainability as standard.

As a digital publisher, we fully support these commitments. Not using print/paper and associated distribution chains means we already have a head start, but a year ago we took the conscious decision to pay more for the electricity we use, relying on renewable energy providers to run our service. We are now delighted to also announce that we will make further contributions to a carbon reduction programme to offset carbon emissions from our AWS hosting and social media presence.

Like all the designers and innovators in our industry, we want to make the world a better place for now and the future.

Diane Larner

Bathroom Review & Kitchens Review – Keeping your PR Social… and now carbon neutral!

Image by Muhammad Ridha from Pixabay