Nathan MacLean, currently managing director at Virtual Worlds, has announced his decision to retire. Cyncly Group recently announced bathroom design software, Virtual Worlds, as its primary bathroom design product in the UK and Ireland, after being created in September 2022.

The new brand united Logicom, Compusoft, 2020 and their affiliate companies. Now, combining knowledge and experience to improve outcomes for its customers and further enhance the customer experience, the Virtual Worlds teams are integrating into Cyncly’s Kitchen, Bathroom & Furniture, retail (KBFr) business unit.

“As Cyncly continues progressing on its journey to ‘Growing as One’ as a foundation of its growth strategy, the gradual and successful integrations of Cyncly’s acquired brands into its functional structure constitute crucial milestones in this journey,” comments Gordon Bartels, general manager, KBF Retail.

Under Nathan’s leadership and guidance, Virtual Worlds has become a highly visible and well-respected brand, known for benefiting manufacturers, retailers and consumers through its pioneering innovation. Nathan’s infectious passion culminated in the receipt of The David Caulfield Outstanding Contribution Award at the BKU Awards 2020.

Nathan says: “I’m proud to have contributed to the kbb industry, attracting a team of professional and dedicated people who share my enthusiasm. Together, we’ve been instrumental in how the industry creates customer design concepts. It’s been an absolute honour to see first-hand how our disruptive 4D technology has swept away the old kbb systems of habit to transform how kitchens and bathrooms are now purchased.

“My 13 years with Virtual Worlds have been dedicated to working hand in hand with our customers, so we could go above and beyond. I’m convinced that the alignment of Virtual Worlds and Cyncly’s functional priorities provide the opportunity to pursue bigger and bolder ambitions, and to support brighter future perspectives, both for our people and our business.”

Bartels continues: “Virtual Worlds is a key player in the UK bathroom market and commands a strong competitive advantage that we want to preserve and enhance, leveraging its cutting-edge technology. Providing a meaningful and exciting work environment to Virtual World’s employees where they can develop and excel is a priority for the Cyncly group.

“With this next phase of our integration, we will work to combine the great people and assets of the Virtual Worlds franchise with Cyncly’s proven functional capabilities and broader market presence.”

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