Artisan tile studio, Otto Tiles & Design, has launched a new bamboo tile collection crafted from lava stone. The collection is inspired by the elements surrounding volcanic peaks and the mystic quality of mountainous regions; the tile’s design and colours reflect the atmospheric beauty of the raw material and its natural environment. 

Forged by Mother Earth, lava stone is a naturally occurring resource which is carefully harvested from ancient lava flows. Thanks to the sustainable nature of the material,  tiles made with lava stone are an environmentally responsible design choice with a lower carbon footprint than other tiling alternatives.

Durable and resilient, the Bamboo Lava Stone tiles can withstand extreme temperatures, making them an ideal choice for commercial projects. They are low maintenance and will last for decades with proper care so that the natural beauty can be enjoyed for many years. 

Damla Turgut, founder of Otto Tiles & Design, says, “I am thrilled to introduce our brand new Bamboo Lava Stone Tile Collection. Lava stone is a new material that we have not previously worked with, and its sustainability benefits coupled with its raw texture offer a beautiful, environmentally-friendly tiling option.” 

Otto’s Bamboo Lava Stone tiles are suitable for walls only and can be applied to a range of environments, including both indoors and outdoors, in wet rooms, and for fireplaces.

The collection is available at Otto Tiles & Design’s showroom in Hackney. The collection is also available online at

Otto Bamboo Lava Stone