According to Waterwise* around 12% of a household’s gas is used to heat water for showers, baths and taps, confirming that using less water this winter will reduce energy bills.  The retrofittable Ecobooster from Neoperl offers an easy water-saving fix for a tap or shower.

The Ecobooster has a default mode offering a water-saving flow rate and a boost mode allowing for higher water flow on demand. To fill a bath or kitchen sink quickly the device can be switched to the boost mode. But under the default water saving mode the tap works adequately for rinsing dishes, washing hands or cleaning teeth.

The savings made using this system soon add up. In a home that has 3 Bar supply pressure, the Ecobooster on a shower can reduce a boost flow of up to 20 litres per minute to either 11 or 8 litres per minute, whichever the user finds an adequate shower.  Considering an average shower is 8 minutes long, and anyone with teenagers in the home will think this is a minimum time, then it could save up to 96 litres per shower!

Savings in a kitchen or bathroom tap are not as easy to calculate but it makes sense that a default flow rate of around 5 to 7 litres per minute through a tap, with boosts up to 17 litres on demand, will produce substantial water savings here too.

The Ecobooster range from Neoperl is sold as a retrofit product for people to fit to existing taps and showers in the home and as a product to tap and shower manufacturers where they can integrate it as a component to a product they manufacture.  It comprises of a number of components working together including a Pressure Compensating Washer, Aerator, Check Valve, optional backflow prevention Check Valve, a switch and housing unit.

Instead of throwing excess heated water down the drain this winter, reduce usage with this clever device.